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Even though we strongly emphasize preventive care and restoring salvageable teeth, tooth loss may still be unavoidable. Dental Implants have reshaped the potential for restoring these lost teeth. We now have the ability to create a beautiful smile irregardless of tooth health.

Dental implants are a root replacement option. They serve as a foundation for an array of prosthetic options. See below for all that implants have to offer:
Dr's Note
All implants are not created equal. Many discounted implants done elsewhere are done with non brand name implants. These cheaper implants may be prone to fracture or decreased bone integration. We are proud to place brand name (Straumann and Biohorizons) Implants.


Single Tooth Implants

Tooth Implants — Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health in Riviera Beach, FL
For the loss of a single tooth, three replacement options exist. Option 1 is always “Do nothing”. If the tooth is not in an esthetic location and you are not experiencing bruxism, clenching, adjacent teeth wear/decay etc. then tooth replacement is not a must. However, in many cases, patients may experience problems with not re-establishing added support in the now missing tooth location. This could manifest into added forces on adjacent teeth resulting in possible fracture or expedited wear.
Option 2 is to do a “bridge”. A bridge is created by shaving down the adjacent teeth to create a prosthesis that spans the gap of the missing tooth space. It is in essence 3 crowns that are permanently cemented on the tooth behind and in front with a floating tooth in the missing space. This is a great option when severe boneloss/width prevents the placement of an appropriate size implant. It may also be a good option if the teeth adjacent are in need of crowns due to the fact that a bridge could restore the adjacent teeth as well. However, if the adjacent teeth are healthy then it is preferable to not destroy good healthy tooth structure.

Option 3 is to replace the missing tooth with an implant. An implant is placed into the bone beneath the gums. Modern implants are made from titanium which has a unique characteristic in that it allows bone growth to its surface. This allows for a strong implant-bone connection. In essence an implant serves as a root replacement. We can then build a crown on top of the implant much like we would a crown on an existing tooth. Implant crowns, which are composed of the titanium implant, titanium connection, and porcelain crown, do not decay. They can have boneless much like a tooth if hygiene is neglected.


Implant Bridges

Dental Implant to Three Elements — Implant Dentistry Specalist Riviera Beach, FL
Implant bridges function much like single tooth implants but they allow for multiple teeth to be replaced with as few as 2 implants. After evaluation of the bite, available bone, gums, and span of the missing teeth, we will guide you in which length and number of implants are appropriate.


Hybrid Implant Prosthesis

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Implant — Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health in Riviera Beach, FL
Quite possibly the most remarkable treatment available in dentistry is the Hybrid Prosthesis. Be it from decay, fracture, or boneless some patients may experience an entire arch of failing/nonrestorable teeth.

Hybrid implant prosthetics are done by removing the failing teeth and placement of 4-8 implants to support a full arch of teeth. The prosthesis is screwed into the implants and remains permanently in the patients mouth. That means no nightly removal and no denture adhesive! Much like any implant therapy, patients must still clean the teeth and the implant connection to remove plaque buildup and prevent inflammation. Patients are also instructed to return to the dentist for 6month cleanings and once per year the prosthesis is taken out and professionally cleaned.

If hybrid implant prosthesis isn't an option due to cost or available bone/gums. Then an implant over denture may be considered. Implant over dentures are much like traditional dentures only they do not rely on simple suction or musculature to hold the denture in place.

The denture is secured by a male-female snap in component on top of the implants. This allows for the denture to ‘click' into place and prevents accidental ejection of the denture and stability while talking or chewing.

If a patient already has an existing ill-fitting denture, it usually can be converted to clip into implants without the replacement of the entire denture.


Mini-implant overdentures

Mini-implant — Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health in Riviera Beach, FL
Whenever possible, full size implants are preferred due to their added surface area to connect the denture to your jaw. However, a patient's options may be limited if they have an inadequate amount of available bone, medical contraindications, or if finances dictate the treatment available.

Mini diameter implants can be a great treatment option! They are typically 1/2 the cost of more traditional diameter implants and work in much the same way.